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this is the first game i created years ago at the end of high school. it took roughly 3 days to code and 2.5 weeks to actually get all of the art and assets just right for this first go at making a real game, seeing as i was thinking of publishing this to the app store/google play/steam. However, not 3 days after i finished the first level, the software i was using at the time (java) was updated. Now, the only computer the game will work on is my old laptop.

i took the liberty of converting my old files into a product that i can at least readily show off (IE an executable / Game Maker).

im still working on this story; turning it into a sandbox adventure game rather than a flight shooter/bullet hell shooter.

truly, what made me go back to THIS project, is the memories of games from when i was a kid. i remembered that all the good 2D ports at least let you do stuff, while all the bad ones i could only ever play once because they were stiff and boring... after playing this (let's be honest) tech demo one nighti realized that i too was making a stiff game with good/okay visuals...

but what if that game was good, able to fly and interact with the world as a bat? well the idea might sound stupid to some, but i'm still working on this and many more projects.

Install instructions

its game maker... i know im not the best at this but

 - if you have the ability to run GM games then you can run these


Bat_Rough_Draft.7z 13 MB
Bat_Rough_Draft.exe 16 MB

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