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this is a prototype build, or rather a tech demo/engine test. for a game being produced. the game itself is going to be an animal sim/action adventure sandbox game, but it still has a long way to go. this simple engine test is the best way i had to initially get it off the ground. note, the physics are quite "floaty" in the z axis movement, however the game is actually calculated in 3 dimensions. when the bat is told to flap his wings, he is actually rising and it is not just a shift of the background image. true height is marked by the "shadow" on the ground. if left to free fall, the bat will gain velocity exponentially, until it reaches terminal velocity. free fall movement may be redirected by gliding. all music and artwork by lostchild14000.

Install instructions

must have java, able to run a runable jar file, windows 7 and above, mac OS 9 and above


VectorFlight.jar 31 MB

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